Пластиковые понтоны Sunplast от компании «Пласти-Ко» - это прекрасная возможность расширить свои границы и не зависеть от географии.

Планируете увеличить площадь участка за счет водной поверхности? Задумываетесь над тем, чтобы сделать берег пригодным для швартовки? А быть может, ваша мечта – отдых на собственном острове? Нет ничего невозможного! Компания «Пласти-Ко» - единственный в Украине производитель модульных пластиковых причалов Sunplast. Многолетний опыт позволяет с уверенностью утверждать - наш продукт успешно применяется на любых водоемах, во всех регионах и климатических условиях. Такой искусственный остров можно транспортировать, разбирать и собирать заново множество раз. Мы предлагаем быстрый и простой способ использования водной поверхности при помощи легко монтируемых модульных конструкций.
«Используйте самые смелые идеи. Величину, форму и место расположения острова определяете только Вы!»



Module size – 1000x500x400 mm

Module weight – 11,5 kg

Connecting pin weight – 0,7 kg

What is Sunplast?Actually it is an extremely easy to use product. It allows to transform any type of shore into the most comfortable place - whether it would be sea, river, lake or marchlands. Made of environmentally friendly materials, Sunplast is completely safe for humans and meets modern requirements of interaction with the environment.

Sunplast consists of 100x50x40 cm (LxBxh) modules connected by special fastening elements. Weight of one module is 11,5 kg. Two modules unite into one square meter. The deadweight of 1 sq. m is 400 kg.
The central connecting pin is used for secure connections between modules. With proper assembly of modules the pin is easy to install to its place and lock with the special key. The central connecting pin specially designed to withstand even 4 points storm waves. Long connecting pin can be used to install the Sunplast pontoon in two layers. The deadweight increases up to 750 kg/m2.
Bolt, nut and washer hold together the construction of the pontoon on the perimeter. They are also used when installing bumpers and V-dock modules.


Module size –
500x500x320 mm

Module weight -
6 kg

Jet Ski or a boat ride is a great fun. However, improper maintenance of a PWC can cost you dearly. During prolonged storage on the water bottom hull fouling occurs. This worsens the running performance and increases the cost of operation.Plasti-Co presents V- DOCK, a universal drive-on dock for fast recovery and storage of your personal watercraft. For a comfortable time spent by the water a slip-jetty is a must! V-DOCK set up will not take you long and your Jet Ski will stay dry and safe all year round. Once and for all forget about such troubles as scratches, collisions, floating debris, algae and sea fauna!

V-DOCK - special "V-shaped" modules integrated into your Sunplast pontoon. This is the easiest way to dry store, moor and instant launch of a PWC. Leave alone trolleys, winches, cranes, pumps and elevators. V-DOCK is suitable for mooring of all PWC models of up to 3 tons. It may be part of a modular pontoon, attached to any other pier or used alone.
Floating dock rises and falls with the water level. It protects your watercraft from damage caused by wind, wave or impact on the bottom of the reservoir. V-DOCK is the easiest and fastest way to dry-dock. Come to the pontoon at low speed, add throttle and dock your PWC with confidence.
Pontoon consists of a robust but at the same time soft plastic which has no sharp edges and doesnot leave traces on your boat or Jet Ski. Conversely, the majority of PWC models do not scratch pontoon. Just in case your boat’s planing steps still cling to the plastic, we propose to install a roller slip system. It can be installed on the dock without its dismantling.
V-shaped 50x50x32 cm modules gather into V-DOCK - the dry dock for your boat or Jet Ski.This dry dock is fast to install, safe and reliable. It protects your PWC from fouling and accidental damage. If necessary it can be supplemented with rollers and winch for smooth docking.


Standard pontoon size –
12,2 x 2,25 m

Standard pontoon weight -
1900 kg

SUNMARINA metal pontoons on plastic floats will help to arrange comfortable mooring for yachts and small-tonnage vessels. SUNMARINA mooring systems can easily correct the shortcomings in the existing yacht club project, change the configuration and add mooring space. These pontoons meet all environmental requirements. SUNMARINA is cheaper than concrete piers in construction and operation. Pontoons can be repeatedly mounted and removed without damage to their consumer properties.

Cooperation with leading design organizations and maritime universities of the Black Sea allows us to constantly improve products and technologies. All our projects are carried out to the highest standards. You get a reliable, easily transportable and easy to install equipment of the European level, with a perfect price-performance ratio. Our pontoons are equipped with cable-runs for the supply of electricity and water to the service columns. Plastic fenders and a universal mounting system of mooring fingers are integrated into the pontoon.
Metal frames are made of high-quality profiles for the shipbuilding industry, and processed by hot-dip galvanizing. This provides pontoon high strength and durability. Buoyancy elements do not deform when lay aground. Specially selected cross-section redistributes external loads across the pontoon and gives it certain elasticity. Plastic fenders are mounted on the perimeter of the pier and prevent the mooring vessel from hitting the metal frame.


Sketch processing – 3 days

Sketch agreement and approval - 1 day

Manufacture and delivery – 14 days

All products are manufactured in our factory on request. Stainless steel produced in Italy of Aisi 304 mark. QUALITY IS GUARANTEED! Handrails for pontoons can be made of any shape on request. Sketch processing - 3 days; agreement and approval the order - 1 day; fabrication and delivery of the order - 14 days.

Height 1300 mm
Anchor arm
Height 205 mm
V-type cleat
Height 260 mm
H-type cleat
Height 280 mm
Height 280 mm
3,4,5 steps
V-DOCK roller system
1 pair
Plastic bumper (fender)
Assembly keys
One set